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The Emotionally Fit Tribe

A supportive space for parents and their teens who are transitioning through a time of upheaval, uncertainty and adjustment resulting from changes to the family structure and relationships. 'The EF Tribe' aims to promote openness, honesty and connection in these often delicate and unique situations

"Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence"
DR Peter Levine
Trauma Specialist


Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT for short and also know as 'tapping'

EFT is an effective way to self regulate your autonomic nervous system and to clear through any stress, trauma, blocks or emotions that you may be experiencing. By tapping on a series of points on your face and body you literally have the power to heal at your finger tips

"Together we will build within you a bridge to the land of personal peace. Once built, this bridge will become a lifetime skill that you can use to spread emotional freedom ... and joy ... from yourself to others."


Lynska EFT Practitioner

EasyLife Retreats

Weight Loss & Body Confidence

Money & Sucess

EFT for Food Cravings MASTERCLASS

EFT for Chronic Pain MASTERCLASS

EFT for Wealth Creation & Abundance MASTERCLASS

Tapping in the Classroom Online Teacher Training

online learning

Connect, restore & thrive

An opportunity to learn a basic EFT tapping sequence to encourage connection between parents, caregivers and teachers with the children in their care. Learn at your own pace and always have a resource to refer back to