Have you been feeling


Experiencing regular anger, conflict, feeling isolated, guilty, suffering from anxiety / stress, blaming self or others, disappointment, grief and jealousy?

Have you suffered from

Poor Health

Low energy, infertility, headaches, insomnia, weight loss / gain, upset stomach / digestion issues, chest pain or a racing heartbeat?


Mentally Exhausted

With a desire to please others, high / low expectations, the need to stay busy, taking risks, constant sacrificing, making mistakes, experiencing addiction or suicidal thoughts?

Are you torn with your

Belief Systems

Feeling resistant to change, struggling to release fears, experiencing unstable self-esteem / self-worth and wondering 'what is the lesson?' here?

"Together we will build within you a bridge to the land of personal peace. Once built, this bridge will become a lifetime skill that you can use to spread emotional freedom ... and joy ... from yourself to others."



Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT for short and also know as 'tapping'

EFT is an effective way to self regulate your autonomic nervous system and to clear through any stress, trauma, blocks or emotions that you may be experiencing. By tapping on a series of points on your face and body you literally have the power to heal at your finger tips

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Lynska EFT Practitioner

EasyLife Retreats

Weight Loss & Body Confidence

Money & Sucess

EFT for Food Cravings MASTERCLASS

EFT for Chronic Pain MASTERCLASS

EFT for Wealth Creation & Abundance MASTERCLASS

Tapping in the Classroom Online Teacher Training

eft tapping

an easy to use self help tool to calm your body, clear your mind and address your emotions  

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