If you want to be

Emotionally Balanced

To have the ability to self-regulate, to experience happiness, joy, pride, self-acceptance, confidence, peace, euphoria, courage and positive expression

And you want to have

Optimal Health

With ease of movement, an active lifestyle, better sleep, positive habits, make better choices, experience calmness and ultimately your body functioning the best that it can

Have you dreamed of

Amazing Relationships

That include open communication, passion, commitment, relationships that feel harmonious, trust-worthy, fun, respectful, full of authenticity and integrity

Coupled With

Free Flowing Finaces

That are rewarding, easy, constantly increasing, that make you feel prosperous, abundant, open to new sources, debt-free, you can trust and have the ability to give back

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Simply choose to book a single session below or commit to deep change by adding on an extra two.
Once you have done this you can choose a time that suits you to work together. If you would like to book three appointments and all of your appointments in advance simply click 'add time' to keep selecting.
Once you are satisfied with your selection you will be taken to a PayPal payment gateway to confirm and pay for your appointments. You will receive confirmation on completion of all of these steps.
All sessions are performed online via 'Zoom'

eft tapping

an easy to use self help tool to calm your body, clear your mind and address your emotions  

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